Basic tournament rules (applicable to all tournaments)

Need to know to participate in the tournament:

1. Each participant can only represent one team in the tournament (after the tournament starts, it cannot be transferred to any team in the same tournament).

2. The name of the contestant’s game must not contain any indecent and vulgar words.

3. If there are fraudulent use of information, malicious occupation of the tournament quota, failure to fill in detailed information, registration of more than one team with the same information, deliberately disrupting the tournament… etc., the team or user will be disqualified.

Handling of emergencies and network factors

1. Unless the team has not completed the previous event, the team will be disqualified for being late for more than 10 minutes without responding to the opponent’s contact, late for more than 20 minutes without entering the event room, fouling, etc.

2. If a team is found to use any plug-in software or exploit vulnerabilities in the game, MYRIAD STARS E-SPORTS will immediately disqualify the team from participating.

3. MYRIAD STARS E-SPORTS reserves the right to disqualify any users who are found or suspected of forging their identities or those who attempt to use any program to influence the voting results of the contest and activities

4. MYRIAD STARS E-SPORTS reserves the right to recover losses or other compensations from contestants who violate the rules.

Regulation revision

In order to ensure fair competition and integrity, MYRIAD STARS E-SPORTS may modify the rules under any circumstances to ensure the perfection of the competition system.

The right to modify and determine the penalty

All Myriad Stars E-Sports game rules, player specifications, team scheduling, schedule specifications, and penalties for violations, Myriad Stars E-Sports has the right to modify or delete items at any time without notice. At the same time, in extreme cases Under circumstances, a judgment that violates the regulations may be made to maintain fair competition and sportsmanship.

Regulatory conflict

If any article in this rule is totally or partially invalid or impossible to implement, it will not affect the effectiveness of this rule on other articles. The invalid or unpracticable sub-part shall be interpreted as the closest meaning and not against the purpose of this rule.

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